The name started as a random thing. I wanted to use this as a pen name or an alias of some sort but it did not work with my art style. Orijjuice is the backward spelling of my name (Jiro) and I thought it sounded like the word “orange” so I just added the word “juice” after and I thought it sounded cool. The name is English in nature where the “J” is not pronounced as “H.”

I am now using this as a storefront for this for my simple artwork. Simple colors and images, bound by simple shapes. It could be in squares, circles, triangles, and etc.
These designs have been in my head for quite some time now and this is the best outlet for it.

I hope you enjoy my works as much as I enjoyed working on them.

Thank you for your time. 🙂

Jiro Tamase

All artwork is copyrighted under Jiro Tamase and Creative Uncommon Studios.

© 2014 Jiro Tamase, Creative Uncommon Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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